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Retina is an extension of the brain. Much like the brain tissue, retina cannot regenerate –diseases of the vitreous and retina can cause permanent blindness. Prompt and appropriate treatment can halt further damage and result in better outcome. Retinal examination allows early detection and treatment of retinal disorders. Who need retina check up? Those who has systemic complaints (diabetes, hypertension), high myopia, eye injury, family history of retinal detachment, black spots problem, Flashes of light, new or increase in floaters [ black dots in your vision ], A gray curtain noticed in the field of vision, night blindness. Retinal Exam The exam includes a complete ophthalmic assessment from the front of the eye to the back of the eye. THE RETINAL EXAM INCLUDES : A full inspection of the vitreous cavity and examination of the optic nerve, macula, retinal blood vessels and extreme peripheral retina. Once this is done, your doctor will make the decision whether or not to perform various retinal tests to further clarify the vitreous, macula, retina or choroidal diagnosis. PROCEDURE FOR A RETINAL CHECK UP : First through a routine check up of your refraction by a team of qualified optometrists. This will be followed by dilatation of your pupils for a detailed retinal exam by a consultant. Eye Care Services CATARACT LASIK RETINA CORNEA & EYE BANK GLAUCOMA OCULOPLASTY REFRACTIVE PEDIATRIC & SQUINT COMMUNITY SERVICES Precautions for a retinal check up Following dilatation, it may be difficult to read or drive for several hours after the visit. If you have other systemic complaints ( diabetes, hypertension etc ), bring in your other medical records with details of the medications you are on. Vitreo-retinal problems Retinal Detachment Macular Degeneration Diabetic Retinopathy Age-related macular degeneration Medical and Surgical Retina Department The institute is a pioneer in medical and surgical retina treatment since 1987. Retina vitreous diagnostics has a setup tools like Digital Fundus camera. Fundus Angiography and special Domain OCT, Treatment facility of IRIS green laser has saved vision and blindness of thousand of diabetic patients.

Retina Dept

Fascilities available for retinal diseases is as follows: 1. Diabetic retinopathy check up. 2. Retinopathy of prematurity. 3. Age related maculr degeneration 4. Retinal vessel occlusion. 5. Retina dystrophy & degeneration management. 6. Management of ocular tumours such as retinoblastoma/ choroidal melanoma. 7. Retinal detachment & complex vitreoretinal surgeries. RETINA DEPT. FACILITIES AVAILABLE SCREENING AND DIAGNOSIS OF ALL VITREO-RETINAL DISEASES WITH STATE OF ART EQUIPMENTS. FUNDUS ANGIOGRAPHY B – SCAN GREEN LASER TREATMENT Arrange Image – 12, 13, 14 Retina department is well equipped with state of the art fascilities: 1. Fundus fluorescein angiography. 2. Red, green & yag laser. 3. Bscan 4. Millenium Vitrectomy Machine 5.Zeiss microscope with BIOM system.