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Community Opthalmology

Empowering Vision, Enriching Lives

Tulsi Eye Hospital’s Community Ophthalmology Services.

We at Tulsi Eye Hospital are committed to providing everyone in our community with access to quality eye care. Our community ophthalmology services are intended to spread our knowledge outside hospital boundaries and connect with those who might experience access challenges to eye care. We are dedicated to promoting eye health and reducing preventable blindness in our community. Our purpose is to empower vision and enrich lives.

Our Community Ophthalmology Initiatives:

Community Eye Camps: In association with neighbourhood businesses, educational institutions, and community centres, we often organise eye camps. These camps deliver eye care services directly to impoverished communities, ensuring that everyone can get high-quality eye care regardless of their financial situation. Our group of expert ophthalmologists and support personnel perform thorough eye exams, identify eye diseases, and provide free eyeglasses to individuals in need during these camps.

Outreach initiatives: We perform outreach programmes to deliver eye care services at their doorstep since we are aware that some people of the community may encounter difficulties travelling to our facility. Our committed staff visits rural communities and urban slums to provide vision examinations, eye health education sessions, and instructional materials to spread knowledge of eye cleanliness and health.

School eye health initiatives: Children’s eyesight is essential to their overall health, academic performance, and general well-being. Our school-age children’s vision issues are to be identified, and prompt interventions are to be given, through our school eye health programmes. We work with schools to conduct eye exams, identify refractive flaws, and provide appropriate treatments or eyewear to improve students’ ability to learn.

Senior Citizen Eye Care: As we age, we may be more prone to developing eye disorders that are related to our age. Through specialised programmes and eye examinations catered to their need, we place a high priority on the eye health of our senior community members. The therapy of age-related eye diseases at an early stage might greatly enhance their quality of life.

Collaborations with NGOs and Government Organisations: We work with NGOs and government organisations to increase the impact of our community ophthalmology services. By working together, we can increase our impact, pool resources, and exchange expertise, ensuring that eye care is a top priority for our community’s overall health agenda.

Campaigns to raise awareness of eye health: The key to preventing preventable blindness is education. We often run awareness initiatives to encourage good eye hygiene and health habits. Our campaigns address issues like the necessity of routine eye exams, early warning signals of common eye disorders, and ways to shield one’s eyes from the elements.