Orthoptic Services at Tulsi Eye Hospital: Improving Eye Alignment and Binocular Vision

Welcome to the Orthoptic Department of Tulsi Eye Hospital, where we specialise in identifying and treating problems with binocular vision and eye alignment. Our skilled orthoptists are committed to provide individualised care and thorough treatment to patients of all ages, making sure that their visual system works in unison for the best possible visual comfort and clarity.

Understanding Orthoptics:

Orthoptics is a specialised area of eye care that concentrates on the non-surgical diagnosis and treatment of amblyopia (lazy eye), binocular vision issues, and eye movement abnormalities. Improved eye alignment, improved binocular vision, and maximum visual acuity are the main objectives of Orthoptic treatment, which will ultimately result in greater visual performance and a higher quality of life.

Why Choose Tulsi Eye Hospital's Orthoptic Department?

Experienced orthoptists: Trained personnel are employed in our Orthoptic department, and they have a wealth of knowledge in addressing a variety of binocular vision and eye alignment problems.

Modern infrastructure: Tulsi Eye Hospital is outfitted with cutting-edge diagnostic and therapeutic technologies to deliver accurate assessments and successful treatments.

Family-centered care: To achieve the best results for our young patients, we involve parents and other carers in the treatment process. We understand the significance of family support in the success of Orthoptic treatments.

Our main goal at the Orthoptic Department at Tulsi Eye Hospital is to assist you in achieving harmonious vision and the best possible level of visual comfort.

Our devoted staff of orthoptists is here to offer you caring support and practical treatment options whether you are dealing with binocular vision issues, eye misalignment, or amblyopia.

At Tulsi Eye Hospital’s Orthoptic Department, our primary focus is on helping you achieve harmonious vision and optimal visual comfort. Whether you are struggling with binocular vision problems, eye misalignment, or amblyopia, our dedicated team of orthoptists is here to provide you with compassionate care and effective treatment options.