We are pleased to welcome you to Tulsi Eye Hospital, for corneal care.

At Tulsi Eye Hospital, we are aware of the cornea’s crucial contribution to sustaining eyesight clarity. For a variety of corneal illnesses and conditions, our specialised Corneal Department is committed to provide complete care. We are dedicated to maintaining and repairing the health of your cornea with a team of knowledgeable cornea specialists and cutting-edge technology, assuring optimal vision and ocular comfort.

Understanding Corneal Disorders:

The transparent, dome-shaped cornea is the front of the eye’s protective layer that aids in focusing light onto the retina. Injury, infection, inflammation, or inherited abnormalities are just a few of the many causes of corneal disorders, which can harm your eyesight and general eye health. We address a variety of common corneal diseases, such as:

Infections of the cornea, such as keratitis, can be brought on by bacteria, viruses, fungus, or parasites and result in redness, discomfort, and altered vision.

Corneal Dystrophies: Genetic diseases called corneal dystrophies result in abnormal deposits or alterations in the cornea, impairing vision.
Open sores on the cornea called corneal ulcers can develop as a result of inflammation, trauma, or infections.

Corneal Abrasions: Abrasions of the corneal surface that are only slight scratches or scrapes might make people feel uncomfortable and sensitive to light.

Scarring of the cornea: Corneal scarring, frequently brought on by trauma or serious infections, can impair vision and cause distortion.

Why Choose Tulsi Eye Hospital for Corneal Care?

Expert Cornea Specialists: Our Corneal Department is run by professionals with considerable experience in treating a variety of corneal conditions.

Contemporary Facilities: With the most up-to-date surgical and diagnostic tools, we can provide treatments that are precise and efficient.

Patient-Centric Care: At Tulsi Eye Hospital, patient comfort and wellbeing are our top priorities. Our team offers caring assistance in a welcoming setting.

Tulsi Eye Hospital delivers the best possible care if you or a loved one has corneal symptoms or has been identified with a corneal problem. In order to provide you a clearer and brighter outlook on life, our cornea specialists are committed to maintaining and repairing the health of your cornea.