Welcome to the Eye Bank at Tulsi Eye Hospital, where eye donation empowers the gift of sight.

At Tulsi Eye Hospital, we firmly believe in the transforming potential of eye donation, where people in need are given the gift of sight. Our Eye Bank is dedicated to facilitating eye donation, protecting priceless corneas, and carrying out corneal transplants that restore vision. Our devoted team of specialists works tirelessly to make corneal blindness less of a burden on individuals who experience it, and they make sure that the process of eye donation is impactful, courteous, and compassionate.

Our Eye Bank Services:

Eye Donation Awareness: Through educational programmes and campaigns, we actively raise community awareness of eye donation. We want to encourage people to make this significant contribution by promoting the value of eye donation.

Registration for Eye Donation: We encourage people to register as eye donors while they’re still alive to indicate their willingness to donate their eyes after death. By registering as an eye donor, you can make sure the procedure goes smoothly and in accordance with your preferences.

Prompt Retrieval of Donated Eyes: Our eye bank crew is on call around-the-clock to quickly return donated eyes. We are aware of how important timing is, so our professionals put out every effort to get donated eyes back as soon as possible.

Eye Assessment and Preservation: After the eyes are recovered, our staff carefully assesses them to make sure they are suitable for transplantation. The viability of the donated corneas for transplantation is then safeguarded utilising cutting-edge technologies.

Corneal Transplantation: Our skilled cornea specialists carry out procedures for corneal transplantation with accuracy and knowledge. The recipient receives a fresh lease on life when the transplant surgery replaces the sick or damaged cornea with the healthy donor cornea.

Compassionate Care: We show the utmost respect, compassion, and decency to each donor and receiver. From eye donation until transplantation, the entire process is handled delicately and with care.

Extend your support and your efforts to strengthen the Eye Bank at Tulsi Eye Hospital:

The Eye Bank at Tulsi Eye Hospital is dedicated to facilitate corneal transplantation and eye donation in order to give corneal blindness patients hope and light. Your contribution can have a significant impact on someone’s life and leave a lasting legacy of kindness.